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We are actively looking for someone plugged in to the whole social media scene to jump in here. Here are some quick notes:

We host a Wordpress blog at as our main, public website.

There is a Google Group about the space. This serves as our primarily mailing list for the group and other interested parties.

There is a Forum available: An earlier version of the site had a pretty active forum. Unfortunately, that site got hacked and the data lost. Currently, the forum is pretty much unused. If we would like to start using it again -- start posting!

We have a MediaWiki: This is for sharing information about the space itself, tools and equipment, by-laws and minutes, projects and other general stuff. If you see something which doesn't make sense or has become outdated, please feel free to improve.

We have a Facebook group.

We have a GooglePlus group.

We have a Twitter account.

If you would like to join or contribute to any of these please feel welcome. If you need an account, come by a meeting or drop a note to one of the Board of Directors and we should be able to connect you to the right person.

Site we could (should?) create accounts for:

  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Pintrest
  • LinkedIn
Access, blog James, Andrew, Jordan James, Andrew
email: James, Andrew
twitter andrew, hal
Mailchimp Hal, James
More? please add

This table is a list of who has the password/admin privileges to these sites. If you need a password, request one from one of these people. If you need to change the password on a particular site for a reason, please let the other admins in that group know by email or in person.