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Some Places to start with Raspberry Pi

The is a lot of interest in the Raspberry Pi and how to to hardware i/o to it

The Magpie seems to be mainly aimed at educators. Each issue seems to have some hardware project or another with both explanations of the hardware and the accompanied code. The Magpie

Some of the examples use Python. Python is my main programming language. Below is a link to the module used in some of the examples. A module to control Raspberry Pi GPIO channels Please note, Python, because of its garbage collection may not appropriate for application that are time-critical.

GPS data in NMEA format

At one point I'm going to have to get the work GPS connected to my Raspberry pi. So I'm putting some references together.

intro on Wikipedia

NMEA format

Debian package

Python package

Connecting up the Pi

Good article on how to get the the bus