ProtoShed’s Ham Shack

So at this point I have applied for and sent off payment for the club call sign VO1PCW for ProtoShed Community Workshop.  The call sign has been reserved, so assuming the payment goes through, which shouldn’t be an issue, this will be our call.

Thus I shall start the open call for equipment.  If you have any sort of equipment that could be used for amateur radio purposes, this includes transmitters, receivers, trancievers, HF, VHF, UHF, microphones, headphones, cables, antennas, copper pipe, any pipe really, wires, speakers, SDRs, computers, monitors, oscilloscopes, antenna analyzer, or anything of the sort, please send me an e-mail:  We will accept anything that you are willing to offer.

If you yourself are a ham, please come by and meet with us.  For more information you can check the main website

If you are interested in learning about amateur radio or becoming a ham yourself, you are welcome to visit and we can tell you how you can go about getting your Basic qualification and your first call sign.  Another good resource is the Society of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs (SONRA,  They hold annual Basic qualification courses to help people learn the material on the Basic qualification exam.

I hope to someday have a functional ham shack at the Workshop and I would love for everyone interested to be involved in making it happen.

73 de VO1HJE

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