ProtoShed is St. John’s Makerspace / Hackerspace.  We are a community of makers, builders, coders, and inventors.

We meet every Tuesday evenings from 5:30-9:00 pm the Victoria Park Pool House. Visitors are always welcome.

Current interest areas of our members include Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ShapeOko CNC mill, remote control helicopters, and underwater robots.

Our vision is to create a shared space and provide tools to allow makers to make stuff.  We have a particular interest in digital fabrication (3D printers, computer numerical mills, laser cutters) and are working towards offering access to this technology to the community.

Annual General Meeting: September 27, 2014 11am

We’ll be holding our Annual General Meeting on September 27, 2014 11am at Common Ground (30 Harvey Rd).  We’ll review our recent progress and lay out a plan for the next year including passing a budget.

Our AGM is also a time to select our Board of Directors (7 members) for the next year. ProtoShed members are invited to vote for members on the Board.  If there are suggestions for future Board members (even if they themselves are not ProtoShed members) please let us know.

All community stakeholders and and any guests are welcome to attend our AGM.

Agenda and proposed budget to come soon.